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Thank you so much for taking an interest in Another Sunrise Projects for Colorado's Youth in Crisis! Our Children need us now more than ever and with your help, we can help create better days and new sunrises for Colorados children.

Our Mission:
Another Sunrise is a nonprofit organization that provides evidence based and Trauma informed Mental Health care to at risk youth in a residential home-like environment. Our Mission is to provide homes for Boys between 12-18 years old, currently in out of home placement and require services in a Qualified Residential Treatment Program. QRTPs provide time-limited, trauma-informed, and family-focused treatment and aftercare services.

Our staff are passionate, trauma informed advocates for the children in our care, as each child has an advocate assigned to them. We believe this helps to start the journey of trust, companionship, relationship building and the healing of traumas children have endured before arriving at Another Sunrise.

We Partner with existing Mental Health providers to give a wide range of care options, that will help bridge the gap affecting Mental Health Care in Colorado within the Minority and Rural communities, where there are little to no Mental Health resources available! We believe in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the thought process of P.A.E.D - Perception, Association, Evaluation, Decision, when it comes to helping our children understand themselves and their behaviors, we believe that every decision starts with the perception the child has of the world around them.


  • Address the lack of resources in Rural and Minority communities
  • Offer Alternatives To Jails, hospitals and larger facilities
  • Provide Care in residential Home environment from Psychiatrists, Therapists and Other Licensed Behavioral Health Professionals
  • Introduce A Non-institutional approach to Caring for Children with Mental Health disorders like ADHD, TRAUMA, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, SUICIDAL THOUGHTS OR ACTIONS and other challenging behavior disorders
  • Community engagement for children to feel connected and a sense of contribution and belonging
  • Provide a range of treatment options that fit each child's individual need 
  • And much more.
Are you a Behavioral Health Professional and want to help? We would love to hear from you!! contact us at

Our Homes will be a safe place for our youth in crisis to heal and will be equipped with...

  • 24 hour care
  • Dedicated professionals  
  • Master degree therapists
  • Evidence based individual therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Over seen by a psychiatrist
  • medication management 
  • Educational resources
  • Career training
  • Emergency resources
  • Home like setting
       And much more!